Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are methods/products for lengthening one’s hair by incorporating artificial or natural hair collected from other individuals. These hair techniques are advanced and are used to change the look of ones hair drastically while looking realistic. Today hair extensions are widely used by millions of ladies.


At PINUP our desire is to provide the best products on the market and to always keep our customers interest as our highest priority. Which is why our product and colour range is one of the one of the largest and most specific you can find. Our extensions are the best in the market with no parallels in quality. Pinup offers exclusively designed and made extensions which have 100% authentic Brazilian hair. These extensions are of the finest quality. We believe and live by these words: “Quality exceeds expectation at PINUP”.

We are the only provider offering  30″ extensions in the market. Every extension you purchase from us, is exclusively developed by Rachel, Owner and hair extension expert. PINUP offers through our registered members area, the knowledge, products and the latest industry information and expertise. Also we offer through our registered members area our expertise to solve any problem you may have.

Visit our product page to experience the difference. Once you begin using PINUP hair extensions you will never use any other extension again.


Why Choose Us ?

Here at PinUp we are renowned for providing the best colour blends, longest hair on the market and zero gravity. Working alongside top stylists we have developed a range of products that will give you a natural and beautiful look every time.

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